February 10, 2014

Professionals from diverse backgrounds can participate in a Program focused on different areas of Talent Management...Read more

October 17, 2013

Our strategic partnership with Calidad y Negocios FAIH, S.A. de cv at Tlalpan, Mexico provides in-depth knowledge, solid expertise and the Quality Management... Read more

MAR3.0 Consulting International is excited to bring to market its unique framework and tailored solutions to support the training and leadership needs of key business decision makers.  Most importantly, MAR3.0 Consulting International brings an experienced network of professionals with extensive Fortune 500 company program and project management experience to help its clients succeed.

What We Do

We are a consulting and education management solutions firm offering services in talent and performance management, leadership development, career and succession planning, change management and organizational culture transformation. The unique and diverse perspective of our management team allows the Company to provide comprehensive solutions to address the critical challenges of its client’s businesses.