Strategic Management

In this line of service we work on two levels: ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL AND INDIVIDUAL LEVEL
At the organizational level we accompany the client organization in every step of the process. From the strategic formulation, definition of key performance indicators as part of the strategic management system to the change management process design and execution.

We guide our clients by formulating processes, governance and structure in order to break silo thinking and improve cross-collaboration. Our model relies on key performance indicators and key behaviors to successfully align culture with strategy.

At the individual level, we begin with the individual’s strategic life planning. This starts from the premise that if we want to see a change we must start with ourselves. The journey allows an inner comprehension of the individual’s values framework and career goals using elements such as the “Dream Book”, “Individual Career Plan” and “Development Action Plan”. The different elements are seamlessly integrated to shape personal and professional projects to effect change at all levels.

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