Needs Assessments

In order to be able to influence the needs assessments traditional models, our approach promotes individual needs assessments that integrates the different sources of information: performance reviews (360 performance evaluations, results of key performance indicators), individual career and development action plans, succession planning results (identified successors competencies gap), workforce planning and other key sources.

We first guide the client company by leveraging your existing tools in order to make an assessment by individual that will in turn feed a more global Needs Assessment.

Needs Assessments are anchored in competencies allowing the integration of different learning strategies.

Under the premise that to develop the identified competencies and reflect the “know it when we see it” factor, formal training should be complemented with other strategies, we smoothly integrate executive coaching, on-the-job-training, special projects, task forces, videos, e-learning, books and other elements depending on the individual’s learning style.

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