Customer Experience

Providing the customer with quality service has often been the primary concern of a business. However, keeping your employees engaged and motivated should be the first step.

Companies are investing high amounts of money in customer-relationship-management (CRM) programs, in technology, and in customer experience improvement programs. A great deal of effort is expended in retaining current customers, in attracting new customers and in customer loyalty programs.

Traditionally other elements, key to ensuring the spark between the customer and frontline employees, have been forgotten. Different authors explain it as how great customer service companies earn trust and loyalty during "moments of truth". Our approach is focused on helping you ensure a higher amount of those moments with the desired positive outcomes. We work together in creating the structure, rituals and systems that would foster the appropriate behaviours, maintaining spontaneous events, ensuring authenticity and empathy and strengthening internal customers’ relationships.

Most companies focus on building capabilities at the frontline through training. Even though it helps build the right competencies, we believe that it may not be enough. It is not just developing the frontline employees; all the support structures matter as well as they have a critical impact. Thus, identifying the internal connections and strengthening cross-collaboration will increase the kind of interactions that lead to increasing positive moments at the frontline.

Delighting your people equals happy clients.

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