Succession Planning

As companies focus more on strategy and talent instead of solely on financial results, the succession planning dialog has changed. Succession planning processes are more down-to-earth, putting more effort in the tools for identifying key leadership positions and identifying what roles are critical to business success, rather than just replacement, retirement or workforce planning.

Developing a solid talent pipeline and achieving sustainable bench strength has been one of the key challenges organizations face, knowingly or not. Never before has bench strength had more importance and meaning for organizations to develop a pool of talent to promote from within.

Our expertise will support your organization’s succession planning needs through practical approaches that allow a shift towards a people first and talent development culture.

All succession planning process elements are clearly defined taking into account models that have proven to be successful according to the organization’s level of maturity and specific needs.

Initial process design
Templates design
Talent review / calibration session
Manager’s training
Manager’s guide
Process support

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