Effective Team Building – Managing Effective Teams

Corporate team building activities nourish the growth of a team, improve morale, increases camaraderie and enhance productivity. Team building activities support the company’s efforts to bring different teams together, improve communication, enhance cross-collaboration and enable the company to produce superior results.

We offer a variety of practices, from simple bonding exercises to multi-day team building retreats designed for improving team performance, increase innovation and service level.

For more information and details, please Contact Us. Each workshop / topic can be tailored to meet your industry or business needs

  1. Effective Team Building (1 day / 8 hours)
  2. String Workshop (variable length)
  3. Leveraging High Performance Teams (variable length)
  4. Effective One-On-One Meetings: A Critical Tool for Performance Management, Team Building and Talent Retention (6 hours)

For additional information, please Contact Us.